Pualani means “heavenly flower” in the Hawaiian language. It is also our Founder’s middle name and is the name that inspired her to create this brand, Pualani Products. Some say that the cannabis plant, the sister to the hemp plant, is the most heavenly flower on earth, known for many health benefits including but not limited to helping to maintain a normal inflammatory response and maintain a state of calm.


At Pualani Products, it is our vision to share the wonderful health properties of this heavenly flower through our product offerings.


Pualani Products is an island inspired CBD Wellness Brand specializing in skincare, beauty, and wellness products. Founded by an all star team of experienced professionals in the realms of beauty, wellness, skincare, cannabis, and beyond, Pualani Products has already proven to be a fan favorite among anyone from experienced massage therapists to American Ninja Warriors, entrepreneurs to influencers, soccer mom’s to CEO’s, and more! We believe wellness should be treated as a necessity, not a luxury. Self care is the best care and it is something that should be celebrated often! At Pualani, we are confident that our products will help you get excited about wellness and make it a more consistent part of your daily life.